Among USA hospitals, the following Digital Lullaby System tunes are the most popular tunes played whenever a baby is born.  
Please feel free to listen.  Once you've decided which one(s) you like, contact to be set up with a free
trial system for your facility (or just fax in a completed
Terms and Conditions page).  There are more tunes available, including
custom tunes.  
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Most Popular Lullabies:
You may also choose one of these:
Patient Rotation Reminders:*
*(Please review item #7 of the Lease Terms and Conditions)
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Giggle/Brahms 12 second Musicbox
These choices include a giggling baby mixed
with a Brahms 10 second musicbox.
Giggle/Brahms Musicbox/Giggle
Additional rotation tunes
5 note chime A
8 note chime A