On many thriving medical campuses across the USA, "Brahms Lullaby" is heard
immediately following the birth of an infant.  This exciting concept has been recognized
by top hospitals across the USA as an inexpensive and proven marketing tool, as well as
a simple and effective method of lifting the spirits of patients, visitors, and staff.  Even in
an atmosphere of frequent loss, one can't help but pause for just a moment and ponder
the joy of a new little life.  Cotronix is responsible for the design of the original Digital
Lullaby System.  As you read this letter, new life is being celebrated all across America in
the hundreds of facilities that now utilize our lullaby systems.

The Digital Lullaby System
(DLS) cannot wear out, because it has no moving parts.  The
lullaby will sound the same, time after time.  You may choose from several available
lullabies.  Our Brahms lullaby musicbox has by far been the most popular choice among
hospitals across the USA.  The hardware package includes detailed information about
how to interface the DLS to
any hospital overhead paging system.  Your emergency
pages will always override the lullaby.  Your technical or maintenance staff can easily
follow the documentation, and we also provide any necessary technical assistance.

There are several ways to activate your new lullaby system.  The simplest and most
popular choice involves a decorated wall for the lullaby button, where the family of the
new arrival can broadcast their bliss right from the delivery unit.  We even offer
Pink-and-Blue systems - a different tune for each gender, so you can install a pink button
next to a blue button, if desired.  Some hospitals desire to limit all paging control to their
Telecommunications Operators, so in these facilities, the lullaby button is installed in
their area, and activation occurs when the Operators receive a birth call from OB.  
Finally, some have chosen to interface the DLS to their facility's telephone system,
allowing the lullaby to be activated by dialing a special lullaby code.  All of these options
are available for your facility.

Continuing in 2020, instead of a single tune, we now offer one, two, or three tunes per
system at no additional cost. Each time the button is pressed, the next tune will play.

The DLS has additional uses. Show JCAHO or your State inspection team that your
facility is proactive in Pressure Ulcer prevention. Special tunes can be broadcast
throughout your nursing units at exact intervals to announce that it's time to rotate
patients. In some facilities, a tune such as “Jesus Loves Me” announces prayer time.
And in others, a special recorded tune or recorded voice announcement reveals that it's
time to give blood, or that visiting hours are now over. In other facilities, chemotherapy
treatment programs end with the ringing of a gong or bell, with some creative methods for
patients to “ring the bell.” The list goes on. In all these cases, although you can still
utilize the push-button, pull-rope, or telephone methods of activation, timed activation is
also available. Many of these special applications involve special reduced pricing
structures. Contact Cotronix for more information.

FREE EVALUATION!  In response to this information, your first two months of use of a
Digital Lullaby System will be absolutely free.  Then, if you decide to continue the
Lullaby Program beyond this trial period, your facility will pay the very low rate of
$35 per month plus 85¢ per birth, billed quarterly.  There are no other charges.  This
program includes continual warranty coverage, publisher licensing arrangements, and all
technical support.  Shipping is free.  This simple offer has allowed hundreds of hospitals
just like yours to begin their existing lullaby programs.  If you are not satisfied for any
reason, simply return the system to us, no questions asked.  The positive comments
about the DLS are uplifting and frequent.  Try a DLS in your facility and witness the
result of this revenue-building tool for yourself -- you have nothing to lose!

Celebrate life!  I have included a Terms and Conditions form to allow you to take
advantage of this trial offer.  Simply fill it out and fax it back.  You can then expect your
trial system to arrive in approximately one week.  No billing takes place until you notice
all the smiles and positive comments.  In the meantime, every question is a good one,
and we are prepared to answer any questions you or your staff may have about the
exciting Digital Lullaby System.
Click here for a Word Document of the above information