Olson Valley Church Creed / Statement of Faith, rev. 02/27/2015

Our primary focus is the destination of the coming kingdom on earth, with Jesus Christ being the only Way into it.

We believe in Jehovah, the Father of Jesus. All things and processes were created by the Father and the Son for the delight of the Son
about 6,000 years ago. The Father is in heaven at this time, but will be joining us later.

We believe in Jesus, the first Son of Jehovah. Jesus Christ is the sole Conduit or Way for humans to also become sons and to enter the
coming kingdom on earth by forgiveness through confession of sin to the Father through the Son. The Son is with the Father in the
heavens at this time, and will return to earth soon. The Father and the Son are one in purpose, but are not the same being.

We believe Jesus Christ was mortal during His first coming to earth. As our firstfruits, He died for us then, arose, and became immortal.
Through this, we will be as well. All men are currently mortal and only those whom He has hand-picked and given the Holy Spirit will
follow Him and will also become immortal at the coming first resurrection.

We believe in God's Holy Spirit which was given to the church at Pentecost and works today in helping only those who are hungry for the
Truth to receive It. The Holy Spirit is our informational helper. The Holy Spirit is not God.

We believe Jesus Christ was first physically introduced to humans about 2,000 years ago, but humans in their misunderstanding,
murdered Him. We also believe this was part of the Father's plan, so that salvation could be provided through His Son's death. Jesus
Christ is the firstfruits of only those who are led by the Spirit.

We believe in communication with the Father through the Son in the form of prayer. We believe in offering thanks and requests
supernaturally by our thoughts to Him. The Son petitions the father and works on our behalf.

We believe the global church consists of the saints, which are those who have given their lives to the Son and are led by the Spirit and
are the true children of God. This group includes very few believers, and no unbelievers.

We believe in charitable works as a result of our salvation, not as a means to obtain it. We believe in spreading the good news of the
coming kingdom, and Jesus Christ as the Way to the kingdom, to all humans. We believe in revealing Christ's love to those who don't
claim to believe; and, using the Word of God, holding accountable those who do.

We believe in the coming Messianic kingdom to earth. Sainthood, salvation, and an inheritance in this kingdom will be given to all who
trust Jesus Christ and reject men. This kingdom is our focus, desire, and goal. Those who seek the kingdom above all else will be given
the understanding of how they can get there. Those who do not seek the kingdom are allowed to believe desirable false information
perpetrated by Satan and taught by men.

We believe all humans are sinners and cannot enter the coming kingdom unless they are cleansed by Jesus Christ. We believe that
Satan exists as a spirit being and has a powerful negative influence on man, and is the source of all of our sin. Only the power of God
and Jesus can reduce and eliminate Satan's influence on our thoughts and behaviors, and only if we ask.

We believe the Mosaic law consisted of two parts: Rituals and Commands. We believe the Second Covenant replaced the rituals and
turned the commandments into acts of worship instead of acts of justification.

We believe that when humans enter the first death, they temporarily go to the grave, not to hell. Hell is a mythological concoction of
men, inserted in the place of 'grave'. At the coming resurrections, saints will be brought to the kingdom. All others will be brought to the
lake of fire, which is the second death. Many of these will be believers that had rejected His Word, and they will become very angry at
that point, arguing with the Son. As proclaimed in the Word, they will then be destroyed and consumed. They will perish, and they will be
gone forever.

We believe that the Father and Son created the heavens and the earth and all of its contents in six 24-hour periods. We believe He
rested from His creation work on the seventh day of the same week, and that the seventh day also represents the coming Messianic
kingdom, when Jesus will rise to power on His third day, the same day that Jehovah will rest.

We believe that Holy Week was seven days long, not eight; and that as our Passover Lamb, Jesus was crucified on Thursday (His first
day) and resurrected on Saturday (His third day). We believe Creation Week, Passover Week, Crucifixion Week, Tribulation Week, Holy
Week, and History week all represent each other day for day; and that this basic information is lost by those who do not wish to obey all
the commandments.

We believe the fourth commandment has become the least of the commandments but was intended to be the greatest: the
remembrance and understanding of the seventh day, which represents the coming millennial earthly Messianic kingdom; and that this
day may not be changed by men, and that the day of the Lord is the 7th day, not the first day of the Roman sun god.

We believe a Biblical day is 1,000 years in length, and the seventh and final day of history is currently upon us. Jesus first came to earth
on the fifth day of history, and He will return again on the seventh day of history. Therefore, His return and His 1,000 year earthly
kingdom - His third day - is due as well. He will bring our reward to us from heaven to this earth. People cannot go to heaven to claim it.

We believe that after 7,000 years of history, God will cleanse and rebuild the earth and its atmosphere, and the saints will become
greatly spiritual, even like Jesus Christ. At that time the Father will join us on the new earth, where we will reside forever, where there will
be no more pain or sorrow.