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Celebrate each birth across your medical center campus
Proven morale-boosting & corporate marketing tools
Equipment leasing available as low as 85¢ per birth
These systems pay for themselves, guaranteed
A free trial system is available for your facility
No initial costs!  Quit the program anytime!
Also effective for patient rotations or announcements
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....Your Key to Innovation
Celebrate Each Birth!

Simple Push Button Operation!

Easy To Install!

Expert Tech Support!
Cotronix Digital Lullaby Systems have been recognized by hundreds of hospitals
across the USA as an inexpensive and proven marketing tool, as well as a
simple and effective method of lifting the spirits of patients, visitors, and
staff.  Even in an atmosphere of frequent loss, people can't help but
pause for just a moment and think about what a joy a new little life
really is.  Cotronix is responsible for the design of the DLS, the
original Hospital Birth Announcement System...
Digital Lullaby Systems
Cotronix was founded in 1987 as a custom electronics design and marketing company.                         
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